Google Podcasts app is now available in the Google Play Store worldwide. Now before we talk about the Google Podcasts, let’s understand what podcast actually is.

The podcast is like a radio service which is available on demand. It’s a series of digital audio files which are made available on the internet. You can subscribe to a podcast and download it and listen to it later. The Google Podcasts is the official app which is now available to download for Android devices.

The Google Podcasts is integrated with Google Assistant that means you can simply ask Google to play your favorite podcasts. All your subscribed shows will be available just by your voice command.

The good thing about the Google Podcasts is that you can not only listen to it while your commute, but also can resume it on Google Home when you reach at your home.

google home

According to the Google, they will change the experience of listening to Podcasts using AI. They take an example of speech to text technology which continues to improve and they will be able to provide new features like automatic subtitling, which will be helpful if you are listening in a noisy area.

You can download the Google Podcasts from the Play Store here

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