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Google has released Neighbourly (Ask local questions and get answer) app in India. Jaipur and Mumbai are among the first cities where Neighbourly is launched exclusively. The app is in open beta now that means it is still in the testing phase.

Here is how Neighbourly app works:

Neighbourly is based on how local citizens ask questions.

“which is the best school in this area?” or “who is the best teacher for English?”

neighbourly app india

These were the examples of some local questions. Neighbourly connects you to the nearby community and it has the most relevant, up-to-date insights of your local city. The app uses expert speech recognition technology of Google which transcribe your question into 8 different languages.

The Neighbourly app is only available for Mumbai and Jaipur yet. You can join the app’s waitlist if you live outside of Mumbai and Jaipur. Neighbourly is only available for Android devices.

Download Neighbourly App from here


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