YouTube is widely known as an entertainment app for watching videos and movies. In recent time, YouTube has emerged as a great resource for learning as well. It has not only opened up tons of ways to show people their skills but also has given people opportunities to enhance their career and businesses through it. According to an analysis, over 500 million learning-related videos are viewed daily on YouTube.

In a recent survey of internet users to find out what they think of YouTube and how it helped them to learn new skills, 64 percent of respondents accepted that YouTube has helped them learn new skills that enable personal or professional advancement.

The team behind the survey ran interviews with people who note that YouTube is a key resource for learning and growing their career. I have personally met few people who are running their Youtube channel and making people learn new things. No matter what you want to do, YouTube is a great resource to find tips to grow your skills, your career, and your business as well.

Note: The data is provided by the team of YouTube creators. The survey was conducted in the ten European countries.


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