What is Digital Marketing?

This article is for all the readers who want to know what is Digital Marketing is all about. Today I am going to clear your doubts in the easiest words possible.

The recent era is an Internet era. I will not go into the deep that what we can do with it because You already know it. But what you don’t know yet, I will be going to tell you. This chapter or upcoming chapters are my live journey in the field of Digital Marketing. I have seen a lot of blogs and videos and read may e-books to learn what is Digital Marketing but I could not understand that machine language. So I decided to decode it myself.

Let’s understand it in simple words.

Suppose You have a website or a blog or a business (shop, industry and whatever) and you want to promote it online then what tactics you are going to use? Those tactics or strategies are a part of digital marketing. Promoting your business, your interest, yourself, promoting everything online is marketing. And while it is driven through the digital way, it is called digital marketing.

Many of us make videos and upload on YouTube, but do not know how to promote it and make it SEO friendly. That’s why that video does not perform well because that video is not google friendly and why should Google promote it then?

In the upcoming chapters, I will be sharing my journey to the Digital Marketing and it will be my live journey, an ongoing journey where you will interact with me, start with me and I will help you to promote your life.

Can I make decent money with it?

The answer is yes, a good amount of money. Remember one thing, If you are good at something and people are approaching you to help them in any way then why are you doing it for free? Of course, you can help your friends or the close ones for free but if you have an interest, bring it in front of the millions and make some money with it.

In the next chapter, I will be telling you that why did I start and why should You? Stay with me for more and comment below if you like the article or if you have any questions.


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