Some useful and easy tips to enhance your work on Windows PC

 Today I am going to share some useful tips to enhance your Windows PC experience. Sometimes when you are browsing a website and staring a picture and don’t know how to take its screenshot, then you struggle to search the keys on your keyboard to take that screenshot. This is just an example of a small task which you may know or not know. Those who do not know let’s find out these tips:

  1. How to clean up files from your PC:

If you are using windows then you might have noticed that there is an unwanted storage filled with junk or temporary files. You can simply clean up these files. Here are the steps:

  • Open My Computer and select your windows installation drive, generally C: drive.Some useful and easy tips to enhance your work on Windows PC
  • Right Click on C: drive and select properties and after that select disc cleanup

disc cleanup etechfeed

  • You will see a window like the below image. Select the desired files from the checkbox and click on Apply and then Ok. You can also clean system files by clicking on cleanup system files.Some useful and easy tips to enhance your work on Windows PC

2. How to take a screenshot on Windows PC

  • It’s very easy to take a screenshot on your Windows PC just like your mobile phone. Just press Windows key+ PrtSc key to take the screenshot. You can find them in your pictures folder.

3. How to remove malware from your PC

  • Your PC is your personal workstation. If it gets infected by malware, You may experience some big time problem. Well, I am going to tell you an easy to use software which is very light and do your task effectively. I personally recommend it.


ADW Cleaner is a small software and easy to use malware removal tool. It is just around 8 MB and does the job better than any other tools.



If you like these tips, comment below and I will be sharing more tips with you.


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